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Does your company face these sales & marketing challenges?

  • Poor Customer NPS Scores
  • Technology or Software Bloat
  • Siloed Tech Systems
  • Suboptimal Value from CRM
  • Slow Sales or Lead Reporting
  • Unreliable Data & Metrics
  • Opportunities for Automation
  • Slow Tech Adoption of CRM
  • Sluggish ROI on Technology
  • Sales & Marketing Misaligned

If you answered yes to 3 or more of the statements above, complete the form to continue with the full RevOps (Revenue Operations) assessment. is a free, online tool consisting of a series of statements to help you identify opportunities for more predictable sales growth. The average time to complete the assessment is 10-15 minutes.

Upon completion, you will receive your scores relative to averages in:

  • 8 Categories for RevOps efficiency
  • 8 areas of impact of Revenue Technology across marketing, sales, and customer service

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