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Does Your Company Face These Sales & Marketing Challenges?

  • Poor Customer NPS Scores - Y/N
  • Technology / Software Bloat - Y/N
  • Siloed Technology Systems - Y/N
  • Suboptimal Value from CRM - Y/N
  • Slow Sales / Leads Reporting - Y/N
  • Unreliable Data & Metrics - Y/N
  • Opportunities for Automation - Y/N
  • Slow Adoption of CRM Tech - Y/N
  • Sluggish ROI on Technology - Y/N
  • Sales & Marketing Misaligned - Y/N

Did you answer YES to three or more of the above? Continue with the full RevOps (Sales & Marketing) assessment below. is a free, online tool consisting of a series of statements to help you identify opportunities for more predictable sales growth. The average time to complete the assessment is 10-15 minutes.

Upon completion, you will receive your scores relative to averages in:

  • 8 Areas of Impact of Technology across Marketing, Sales, and CS
  • 8 Categories for Revenue Operations "RevOps" Efficiency 

You will also become eligible to receive quarterly reports with breakdowns by industry and company size to see how you stack up against the competition.

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